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Renewal policy

Renewals must be done on or before the expiration date in person, by phone or e-mail, or through the web catalogue. Renewals are usually granted, unless the item has been recalled or is needed for reserves.

To renew you need the barcode of your library card.

Renewal through the web catalogue:

  1. Click here to enter the catalogue
  2. Click Patron data, enter the barcode of your library card and your password (the default password is the date of birth, so if your date of birth is January 31: 0131).
  3. Click the Renew button in the line of the book you wish to renew.
  4. Please check the new overdue date, or read the occurrent error message.


E-mail: tarstud@lib.unideb.hu

We answer all renewal mails!

Overdue fines: 50 HUF/day/item + postage cost of overdue notice(s)

Renewal is not possible if:

  • all renewal options are used,
  • the item is reserved,
  • the item is overdue,
  • the reader has any debts (for example postage, overdue fine on another book).