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Library collection


The Library of Social Sciences started to work on 25th November, 2002. The Library was built simultaneously with the Training Center of Social Science within a university project.

Floor area:

1750 sq.meters and about 300.000 items can be housed in it.


Support the study and research work of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Informatics. However, being a public library, it should also complete its regional and municipial tasks, and participate in the National Document Supply Service.


  • the larger part of the collection came from the holdings of the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen
  • collection of the Library of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (about 6000 items)
  • collection of the Research Library of Law, which was formerly a special collection of the University Library.
  • from September 2012 the collection of the library of Faculty of Informatics (4300 items)

At present (2013) the collection includes more than 80.000 items, two-thirds of it can be found on open shelves. The less used part of the collection (about 20 000 documents) is housed in closed stacks.

More than 600 periodicals are housed in the Library, most of them on open shelves on the first floor.

The reference collection of the Library is continuously expanding. About 5-6 000 items are added to the collection each year. Partly by acquiring new documents and partly by continuously receiving and processing the documents of the National and General Collection belonging to the Social Sciences Collection (not in the catalogue yet).

Type of documents:

  • books about economics and related fields,
  • books about law, public administration and related fields
  • books about IT and programming
  • books about library science
  • language books
  • encyclopaedias
  • general and specialist dictionaries,
  • daily and weekly papers, journals and other documents.


Ground floor:

  • cloak-room
  • circulation
  • computer room for students (24 computer workstations)
  • computer room for education (15 computer workstations, projection option)
  • newspaper-reading-room
  • area for collective studying
  • 3 copy machines
  • study places

I. floor:

  • periodicals (daily and weekly papers, journals and other documents)
  • 2 computers for using databases
  • 3 research carrels
  • study places

II. floor:

  • books about economics
  • books about social insurance
  • language books
  • study places

III. floor:

  • books about law, public administration
  • books about IT and programming
  • general and specialist encyclopaedias
  • general and specialist dictionaries
  • study places