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  • Phone: 52/512-700/77216
  • E-mail: tarstudkukaclib.unideb.hu
  • Anyone with a valid University of Debrecen identification card may borrow books. Clients must be affiliated with the University or have a local permanent address. Library cards are valid for a semester or an academic year. Renewal of the card is only possible if you do not have fines or overdue books.
  • Replacement of lost library card costs 500 HUF.
  • Overdue fines: 50 HUF/day/item + postage cost of overdue notice(s).
  • Reservation: When the requested item is returned to the library, an item available notice will be sent inviting you to pick it up within a week. The reservation fee is 100 HUF/title.
  • UD faculty, PhD students and UD staff can borrow a maximum of 20 items, UD students 12 items, others 5 items.
  • The loan period is 20 days or 30 days, 2 renewals will be granted unless the material is reserved by another patron.
  • You may reserve a maximum of 3 books.
  • All the books without special designation (colour) marks are circulating.
  • Non-circulating: reference collection in the reading room located on the third floor (bibliographies, lexicons, encyclopaedias, dictionaries etc.), periodicals and books marked with a red label.
  • Limited-circulation: deposit copies marked with a green label. Loans are limited to UD faculty, staff and PhD students.
  • Limited-circulation: copies marked with a blue label. Loans are limited to economic and law students.
  • Theses are non-circulating, can only be read in the reading room (a maximum of 5 items at one time, photocopying is forbidden).
  • On Saturdays there is no circulation from the stock area.
Patron type Code Max. item Without any mark Green stripe Red stripe Blue stripe
Law, Economics, Informatics teachers, PhD


(previously JO, KZ, SO)

20 2x30 days 2x30 days  -  -
Law, Economics, Informatics students


(previously:JH, KH, SH)

12 2x20 days  -   -  1x3 days
Other UD teachers, PhD


(previously: AO, GO, EO, HO, ZO, YO, DO, TO)

20 2x30 days  -   -  -
Other UD students


(previously: AH,GH, BH, HH, ZH, YH, DH, TH)

12 2x20 days  -   -  -
UD staff


previously: EA)

20 21x20 days  -   -  -
Not UD student FF, MI 5 1x20 days  -   -  -